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CVM offers three welding services:

 TIG welders can be used to weld steel, stainless steel, chromoly, aluminum, nickel alloys, magnesium, copper, brass, bronze, and even gold. TIG allows you to create clean welds when appearances count.

GMAW (MIG) welding is the most widely used of the arc welding processes, suitable for everything from hobbies and small fabrications or repairs, through to large structures, shipbuilding and robotic welding.

MIG can be used on a broad range of materials and thicknesses.

Resistive spot welding is a process in which contacting metal surfaces are joined by the heat obtained from resistance to electric current. This method is by far the most cost effective means of joining two materials together

Depending on the material you are having fabricated, and the level of finish you prefer - we are able to expertly and efficiently weld and finish assemblies to strict tolerances and specifications.

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